Carmaky are excited to announce the signing of a new agreement with US firm Trevi Systems, Inc. (Trevi), as an agent for their proprietary energy efficient water desalination and treatment plants. Under the agreement, Carmaky will assist with the marketing and project development of this technology in the SADC region.

Trevi’s FO process is a disruptive technology, which can help meet the world’s rapidly increasing demand for clean water using a small fraction of the energy needed for existing water purification systems. The technology is used in processes where water needs to be extracted from a liquid stream either to produce a purified water or a more concentrated main stream. The technology has application in a wide range of areas including desalination, waste water treatment and agricultural processing to name a few.

Trevis’ FO treatment technology utilises low – grade heat enabling co-generation, solar thermal or gas fired hot water sources.

Other benefits of the technology include:

  • The system typically uses about 1/8th the amount of electrical power of traditional RO systems
  • Brine streams can be concentrated to either very low or very high recovery rates without a noticeable change in electrical energy consumption, allowing the system to be tailored to the environmental requirements of the customer
  • The system uses low pressure components reducing the cost of items such as piping and pumps
  • Compatible with renewable energy sources including solar

About Trevi Systems

Trevi Systems is a California based developer of Forward Osmosis (FO) water purification systems that provide desalination of salt and brackish water as well as cleaning industrial and municipal waste water. Visit for more information

About Carmaky

Established in 2008, Carmaky is a client centric engineering, project management and technology company focused on small projects in the Mining, Minerals, Materials Handling, Energy and Infrastructure sectors. For more information on the Transmin equipment range contact us.

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