Equipment Supply

We specialise in the design and supply of equipment essential to efficient and seamless production processes at the core of many industrial operations. This includes equipment to facilitate movement of materials, and storage and management systems for loading, work-in-progress, and stockpiles. We also supply crushing and screening plants as well as ancillary equipment and systems.


Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors find use in a wide range of industrial applications and remain one of the most effective and efficient methods of moving materials from one point to another. In principle all belt conveyor systems consist of pulley-driven belts which use friction to transport materials. Conveyor systems can be adapted for specific applications to include curves and slopes, loading or unloading points, cleats for moving materials up slopes, separators for sorting operations, weigh belts and more.

Carmaky supply overland, relocatable, plant, and underground conveyors for a wide range of industrial applications. We also supply chutes and transfer towers to integrate into conveyor systems when required. Additionally, we supply modifications and upgrades to pre-existing systems to improve them and make them fit for purpose.

Examples of such systems include:

  • Overland, Relocatable, Plant and Underground Conveyors
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Chutes and transfer towers

Storage and Reclaim

Storage and reclaim systems find use in a variety of material handling project types including concentrator feed systems, concentrate handling facilities, ports and terminals, and power plants. Storage systems are a critical area of material handling and may include stockpiles, bins and hoppers, longitudinal storage, stackers, bunkers, or silos. We supply custom equipment and solutions for storage based on material flow and capacity requirements; product separation; material degradation; residence time; and existing or proposed reclaim systems.

Reclaim systems serve to recover material from storage or other operations and feed them back into other processes. These include systems such as: low-profile feeders; belt feeders; apron feeders; dozer traps; and hoppers. We supply reclaim equipment based on considerations for reclaim capacity, redundancy, capital vs. operating cost, or project specific criteria.

Examples of such systems include:

  • Stockpiles
  • Bins and hoppers
  • Storage facilities
  • Stackers
  • Reclaimers
  • Feeders (apron, belt, vibrating, low profile)
  • Truck and railcar loading and unloading incl. Tipplers

Crushing and Screening Plants

Crushing plants serve to reduce the size of materials and screening processes classify and separate materials at various stages of the crushing process.

We work with a wide range of OEM manufacturers to provide our clients with the equipment most suitable for their specific applications and needs. This takes into account the process for which the crushing and screening plant is required – incorporating all associated truck dumps, feeders, conveyors, structures and bins.

Examples of such systems include:

  • Primary gyratory, jaw crusher and mineral sizing stations
  • Secondary and tertiary cone crushing and screening stations
  • SAG and ball mill feed systems

Ancillary Equipment and Systems

The expertise of the Carmaky team extends to the design and supply of a range of ancillary equipment and systems supporting industrial production processes.

These include:

  • dust control systems to ensure compliance with health and safety and emissions requirements
  • grinding ball handling systems to support more efficient and effective grinding operations
  • electrical and control systems to provide more effective and efficient control over operations
  • stockyard equipment to simplify and improve bulk materials management
  • ship loading equipment to enhance loading/unloading operations and ensure seamless integration into the larger operations processes.

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