Radial Stacker

Increase your stockpiling capacity with Portable Stacking Conveyors

Commonly set to work in conjunction with other conveyors – particularly portable grasshopper conveyors – our portable radial stackers enable complex stacking arrangements and efficient, high-capacity stockpiling. These are heavy-duty units which are engineered for quick setup, and safe and reliable use.

Portable Radial Stackers for increased efficiency and flexibility

Our portable radial stackers allow you to stockpile more material within an area than would be possible with fixed stackers – maximizing your conveying efficiency.

Portable Radial Stackers move in both radial and linear directions by self-driven mechanisms, making them suitable for both forward and retreat stacking and especially useful for heap leach pads. They can easily be operated from the onboard cabin or remotely configured and managed. The boom discharge on a portable radial stacker features telescopic extension allowing for maximized stockpile storage without the need to relocate the radial stacker to a new position. An additional feature of their pivoting action is minimized material segregation and ambient dust. The portability of these radial stackers eliminates the need for transport by truck bed, allowing both onsite and site-to-site flexibility.

We can custom design Portable Radial Stackers to suit any application and to handle any production rate requirements. Our Portable Radial Stackers can also be built with or without luffing and telescoping functions.

With the power to automate the luffing and telescoping these radial stackers are perfecting for reducing material segregation when building heap leach pads.


  • Maximise your land use.
  • Minimise segregation.
  • Maximise stockpiling capacity.
  • Reduced operating costs.


Reliable Portable Radial Stackers

Our Portable Radial Stackers are built as modular structures using standard components, allowing for flexibility in mining, quarrying, and construction applications.

Heavy-duty frames provide reliability under the toughest conditions. Impact- and abrasion-resistant belting increases belt life. Heavy-duty idlers increase idler life while also reducing power requirements.

Portable Radial Stackers can be supplied as tire-mounted or crawler-mounted options, depending on the ground pressure where they will operate. 

Additional Features

  • Built in standard lengths up to 50m with an extension to 70m.
  • Available in custom-engineered lengths
  • Capacity of up to 2,000 tph
  • Material top-size capacities of up to 300 mm
  • Options include dust suppression, walkways, belt covers, and self-propelled crawlers.

Maximise your land use

Portable radial stackers allow strategic stockpile placement within your mine or stockyard, for maximum use of your available space.

Minimise Segregation

By creating a stockpile in a wide arc with smaller lifts material does not readily segregate.

Maximise Stockpiling Capacity

Portable Radial Stackers allow the discharge end of the conveyor to pivot in an arc around the feed end. By stockpiling the material in an arc significantly more material can be stacked within a specified area than if separate piles were created.


The portability of these stackers allows them to be moved and positioned to give you ultimate control of how you build and shape your stockpiles.

Reduced Operating Costs

Portable Radial Stackers offer considerable savings on fuel, equipment, and labour costs compared to a traditional haul truck, loader, and dozer operation.

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