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Portable Grasshopper Conveyors: Flexible Material Transport Solution

When material transport distances are subject to change, Portable Grasshopper Conveyors are the ideal choice. As reliable workhorses in the conveyor world, wheeled or skid-mounted Grasshopper Conveyors can be moved by another vehicle, or we can design your conveyors with crawler tracks for self-powered movement.

In situations where material transport distances are likely to change, portable grasshopper conveyors are an ideal solution. These reliable workhorses of the conveyor world – either wheeled or skid-mounted – can be moved using a suitable vehicle or designed with crawler tracks for self-powered movement.

Efficient and versatile long-distance conveying

When material transport distances are subject to either horizontal or diagonal change within the mine plan, portable grasshopper conveyors are the ideal choice for bulk material handling.

Portable Grasshopper Conveyors – also known as “jump conveyors”, “link conveyors”, or “transfer conveyors” – are shorter inclined conveyors mounted on wheels or tracks. These are used in combination to form a moveable, linkable conveyor system. At the heart of the system is the radial stacker, using a single telescopic belt to build a level pad or non-segregated stockpile.

These versatile conveyors are ideal for transporting material in confined spaces and, with the ability to add or remove conveyors, can be used to cover substantial distances before transferring to the stacking conveyor. They provide flexibility for addressing multiple distance needs and can be relocated as and when required during the stacking process.

Portable conveyors allow operators to transport materials efficiently and productively, and with lower cost and maintenance requirements than loaders and trucks which would otherwise be needed for the application.


  • Easy, flexible, and adaptable movement of materials
  • Stacking flexibility
  • Easy add/subtract sequencing and multi-level stacking
  • Reliability
  • Lower initial capital investment for stockpile development
  • Easy to maintain
  • Designed and built in Africa, for Africa
  • Africa-based service support


Rugged and reliable Portable Grasshopper Conveyors

Our mine-duty Portable Grasshopper Conveyors are built from robust conveyor components and a rugged frame structure. This is supported by high flotation tires or crawler tracks at the head end, and a steel skid structure located at the tail end. The typical configuration uses a string of portable conveyors feeding a stacker. Individual portable conveyors are inserted or removed from the string as stacking progresses. The discharge height of the conveyors is adjustable.

The standard portable conveyor is moved by towing or pushing from the tail end. Lift points – suitable for a forklift – are included at the head and tail ends of the conveyor for final positional adjustment. Wheel-mounted Grasshopper Conveyors can be moved by other vehicles, including transporters or bulldozers. Crawler tracks can also be integrated for mobile designs which can move under their own power.

Additional Features

  • Available in standard lengths of 15 m to 30 m
  • Can be built to custom-engineered lengths
  • Capacity of up to 2,000 tph
  • Material top-size capacities of up to 300 mm
  • Options include dust suppression and belt covers.

Stacking Flexibility

Portable Grasshopper Conveyors can transport material over long distances in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner – reducing the need for trucks and loaders and the associated costs of fuel, maintenance, and personnel. By adding or removing Grasshopper Conveyors as needed, you can create a highly flexible and effective conveyor system.

Easy Add/Subtract

Easy add/subtract sequencing and multi-level stacking: Mounted on wheels or tracks, Portable Grasshopper Conveyors can easily be moved in and out of operation based on the required material transport distance. Discharge height can be made adjustable allowing for adjustment to other equipment in the stacking yard.

Rugged Reliability

Our Portable Grasshopper Conveyors are built from highly engineered field-bolted truss sections. One end can be raised by struts connected to the axle to offer adjustable discharge height.

Electrical power is interlocked so that production starts and stops along the entire sequence or string of conveyors.

Lower Initial Capital

Lower initial capital investment for stockpile development: Portable conveyors can be added to your system as required by the progress of your stockpile development. This means they can be purchased in stages, reducing your initial investment. Portable Grasshopper Conveyors also reduce the need for truck haulage onsite, saving on capital expenses and ongoing operational expenses such as fuel, personnel, and maintenance.

Easy Maintainability

Our portable grasshopper conveyors are extremely robust and rugged. We incorporate straightforward design elements to ensure that any necessary maintenance is as easy as possible.

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