The Future of Conveyors in Mining: Why Overland Conveyors are Here to Stay (For Now)

Mar 26, 2023 | Industry Trends, Articles

In the world of mining conveyors are a crucial component for moving material from one point to another. From short distance transfers to long hauls, conveyors are used extensively in mining operations. Overland conveyors in particular have become an integral part of many mining operations due to their ability to efficiently move large volumes of material over long distances – saving time and reducing costs.

With advances in technology, some have speculated on whether conveyors – including overland conveyors – will continue to play a critical role in the mining operations of the future. In this article, we will explore why overland conveyors are here to stay and why they will continue to be a valuable asset in mining operations for years to come.

Why Overland Conveyors are the Future of Mining

Overland conveyors are used for various functions in mining operations. Primarily, they transport large volumes of material over long distances, reducing the need for trucks and other transportation methods. This saves time and money and reduces the carbon footprint of mining operations making them more environmentally friendly.

Overland conveyors are also highly reliable and require minimal maintenance. This means that mining companies can operate conveyors continuously without experiencing downtime or needing to invest significant resources into ongoing upkeep.

Additionally, overland conveyors are very energy efficient, offering reduced operational costs and a significant contribution to the bottom line. As energy prices continue to rise, investing in energy-efficient technologies such as overland conveyors will become increasingly important.

Why Conveyors Will Continue to be Used in Mining

Mining operations are becoming more complex and challenging, so the need for efficient and reliable material handling solutions is becoming more critical. Conveyors – including overland conveyors – will continue to serve a variety of purposes and be a vital component of these mining operations.

Firstly, as global population dynamics shift and demand for natural resources such as minerals and metals is increasing, mining companies will need to extract and transport more material, often over longer distances. Overland conveyors are well-suited to this task and will continue to play a crucial role in helping to meet this demand.

Secondly, as mining operations move deeper underground, the use of trucks and other transportation methods becomes more challenging. Conveyors – including overland conveyors – are often the most practical and cost-effective solution for moving material in these situations.

Finally, as mining operations become more focused on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint the use of overland conveyors will become even more critical. By reducing the need for trucks and other transportation methods, mining companies can significantly reduce their carbon emissions and make their operations more environmentally friendly.

What about Drones and Autonomous Equipment?

Looking further ahead into the future of mining operations it is possible that drones, automation, autonomous equipment, robots, and other emerging technologies may shape the industry in such a way that conveyors may become less important. For example, with developments in automation and robotics, it is possible that more material handling tasks will be performed by autonomous machines rather than conveyors. Additionally, drones and other advanced technologies may enable more accurate and efficient mapping of mining sites, reducing the need for long conveyor systems to move material from one area to another. However, while these technologies show great promise for the future of mining, they are still in the early stages of development, and it will be many years before they are widely adopted. In the meantime, conveyors – including overland conveyors – will remain a critical component of mining operations, providing efficient and reliable material handling solutions for the industry.


Conveyors – including overland conveyors – will continue to offer value and form an essential component of mining operations. Their ability to transport large volumes of material over long distances, their reliability, and their energy efficiency will continue to make them an attractive solution for mining companies looking to increase efficiency and profitability while reducing environmental impact. As the mining industry evolves, the role of conveyors, including overland conveyors, will remain a crucial part of mining operations.